Happy Birthday Ben!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MagicalZebra, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. MagicalZebra Active Member

    Happy birthday Ben!

    Edit: this was actually yesterday. Oh well.
  2. ben Administrator

    Actually, it's this weekend. I filled it out wrong for some reason. But thanks!
  3. MagicalZebra Active Member

    Oh, this means I have time to write you a birthday e-card in paint. yes!
  4. coffee Member

    I hope you have a good one, Ben.
    My birthday is Friday, and hopefully I get to see some friends/family that I feel I've neglected here recently.
  5. Craig Member

    Happy birthday Ben! Will have a beer for you tonight ;)
  6. ben Administrator

    Happy Birthday, Coffee!

    And mine is Sunday. But I will still take that honor beer. I'm sick, so I won't be doing anything exaggerated for mine.
  7. hughesypf Active Member

    Happy Birthday to Coffee for yesterday and to Ben for tomorrow then! Shame your sick on your birthday.
  8. a flicker of light Active Member

    Yeah, happiest of birth datys Ben! I hope your feeling better today.
  9. ben Administrator

    Thanks, folks. The big three-one. And I'm mostly healthy again, which is nice.
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  10. Fabh Member

    Sorry, I'm late ! Happy birthdays to you Ben and Coffee !
  11. dogbert Member

    Aarg, a day late! Many happy returns Ben, hope you had a great day :D
  12. coffee Member

    Thanks, everyone.

    I hope you had a good one, Ben.
    I, myself, ate too much birthday-related food.

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